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About Us

The beginning...

Cameron and I were set up on a blind date by our best friends to go sledding and make peach cobbler in the mountains.  On this date I actually broke my left ring finger and at the time I was playing college softball so injuries were not good. I didn’t want him to feel bad so I didn’t tell him I had hurt myself.  Cam had “forgot his phone” that night so at the end of the night I thought it was going nowhere.  The next day I got a random text saying “you broke your finger?” and coincidentally 6.5 months later he put a ring on that same finger.

I put poor Cam through the ringer while dating and played "hard to get." At one point I even moved 45 minutes away and we drove back and forth.  I remember watching him hit a home run in his slow pitch softball game and imagined a family full of little ball players, there was no turning back after that day!  

Cameron completely surprised me the night we got engaged.  We had planned to go swimming and decided to go to a park and walk around there after dinner.  We had decided to get married at this point and I had mentioned I wanted to just tell everyone so he told me to put a ring I already had on on my left hand and that would be good enough. I told him no and then he said "how about this ring?" and pulled out a diamond ring, got on one knee and asked if I would marry him.  I even may have cussed because he surprised me but it was an easy yes!

September 23, 2011

We got married in the St. George Utah temple on a beautiful September day.  I had made my own bouquet and completely forgot to take it with me to the temple.  Our colors were aqua, brown, and cream.  My saint of a mother made us caramel and chocolate dipped pretzels and home made ice cream sandwiches for our reception. Yes, we look like babies because we practically were. 


Us Today...

Here we are almost 12 years later from when we got married and there is no one else we would rather spent time with than each other. We share a love for sports, travel, the outdoors, good memes, funny movies, and the Kansas City Chiefs.  We love to laugh and no one can make me laugh quite like Cam.  When our time off aligns we like to get out of town and find something fun to do with Lainey. We love the small town (Cam's hometown) we live in and are both involved with the youth by coaching baseball and softball.   We also love our relationships with God and truly believe he has lead us here for a reason.

The day we had Lainey was one of THE best days! We have loved being parents and catch ourselves loving every stage and especially the funny and silly things Lainey does.  Infertility after having Lainey brought us to really learn and dive into the world of adoption and our hearts have never felt more open.  We can't wait to watch her be a big sister and have someone to grow up with along with sharing how embarrassing their parents are.


Diamond backs vs. Braves game 2023.


We carve pumpkins every year!


Elk Hunt 2022.


Lainey is Grandma Cyndi's twin.


Fishing trip when we were newly weds.


Beach vacations are our favorite!


Lainey with Jayli's Dad.


Jayli likes to get creative and make yummy cakes for Lainey's birthday each year.


Newborn Lainey.

Cam's Favorites
- Chocolate extreme blizzards.
- Blue gatorade
- Hunting.
- Protein drinks or eggs for breakfast.
- Oreos.


Jayli's Favorites:
- Oreo or cookie dough ice cream.
- The color pink.
- Dr. Pepper.
- Trying to beat Cam at cornhole.
- Dots pretzels.


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