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Hey Mama...

We are glad you made it to our page to get a glimpse into our lives.  We know that this time in your life is not easy but we pray you can feel love and support through this journey.  We pray for you and that you can and will be guided each day.  

We are a family who loves unconditionally.  We want you to be a part of the baby's life and for them to always know where and who they came from.  We have seen how incredible open adoption relationships can be from watching our friends and their daughter create a beautiful relationship with her bio parents.  We plan to raise our child with an open understanding and appreciation for you and the sacrifice you made for them.  

We believe in the Lord's timing and believe people and situations happen in life for a reason.  This baby will be loved beyond measure and words by not only us but our families and friends. They will also know the love you have for them.  

Thank you for considering us, we will be praying for you!


Cameron, Jayli, and Lainey

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