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Cameron's Family

By Jayli

Cam is the third child out of four.  He has two older sisters and one younger brother (people tend to mix him and his brother up all the time.) We are lucky enough to live just across town from Cam's parents who are so great to help us out when needed.  Cam was raised to work hard and always look out for others.  His parents are such good examples of helping others.  We love getting together for dinner or lunch and letting all the kids run wild and free.  Some traditions we have with Cameron's family is his mom gets everyone a new ornament to put on the tree each Christmas, that includes all the kids and grandkids.  Other traditions include taking trips to play in mesquite and doing puzzles in the winter with his mom.  Celebrating Utah's Pioneer day in our small town is a tradition we look forward to each year!

Not everyday is perfect and we get busy with activities and life in general.  We rely on our relationship with our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ to get us through the tough days.  We are Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We hope to teach our kids to rely on their faith to get through trials and they can always call home. 

We love to travel and have gone to Disneyland and Disney World with Lainey.  This last year we took her on her first cruise to Caribbean and we all had such a good time! We like to go on side by side rides, fish at the lake, visit family, and enjoy our Sunday afternoon naps.  We love to sneak in trips just the two of us or with our friends and Lainey gets to be with Grandparents and has her own vacation. 

Jayli's Family

By Cameron

Jayli is the baby in her family.  She has two sisters and a brother who all live within 3 hours of drive time from us.  There are lots of cousins for Lainey on her side of the family and she fits right in the middle of them all.  Jay's parents are both retired and are big supporters of their grandkids' activities and try to attend all they can and answer the call for help in a heartbeat.  

Jayli's Mom makes the best pink sugar cookies for Valentines and cinnamon rolls for the deer hunt.    


A normal day with us might include some sort of yummy breakfast together like waffles but we love a good bowl of cereal too.  We like to sit down together and watch a good show, color with Lainey, play catch in the yard, or get competitive with a game of Uno.  Birthdays are a big deal around here, ice cream is gold, and spending time in a hammock is always a good time.  We also have a fun tradition of school clothes shopping and Leatherby's ice cream to start the new school year off right.


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